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Pool nets have been used world-wide for over 40 years.

Pool safety nets are a great option to cover your pool, spa or water feature in lieu of a vertical fence or if you wish to maintain an unobstructed view.Because of the ease of operation and low cost, pool safety nets are the second most common product purchased for pool safety.Our safety nets have 10cmx10cm openings.
These openings make it difficult to walk or move across. However, openings are small enough to prevent a child’s head from going through. Pool safety nets are lightweight and very versatile and can be installed on almost any pool, spa or water feature. They are also convenient for everyday pool use with a typical pool taking less than 15 minutes to take off or put back on.



Pool nets are typically installed by placing stainless steel anchors approximately every 30cm-40cm right around the pool. However, different anchors are used for different situations.In the middle of most pool safety nets there are 1 or 2 central tensioning systems with CTS lines that are tied off to the edge for tightening.

Many parents do not rely on gates, pool fences and pool alarms to protect their child from drowning.
They choose to have the ultimate control over access to the pool, spa or any aquatic feature.
The Pool Safety Net is custom fitted to your swimming pool and can be shaped as required to fit around rocks,
waterfalls and other obstructions.

Pool Safety Nets have been installed in hundreds of thousands of pools world-wide with 100% success rate.
We are proud to announce there has NEVER been a reported drowning in a swimming pool that has been fitted
with a properly installed net.Children use initiative to get to where they want to go and most kids can break into a pool enclosure in less than 30 seconds! Its simply is not possible to supervise children every moment of the day!

Looks Great!

The Pool Safety Net does not detract from the look of your pool and does not interfere with automatic cleaners.

It can be fitted to above-ground and in-ground pools or even in conjunction with a solar blanket or leaf cover.

Your Pool Safety Net will provide many years of trouble free service, however in the unlikely event of a problem your net is covered by our 3 year, no fuss warranty.

All our Swimming Pool Safety Nets are manufactured from Super Strong High Density Polyethylene braid; specially U.V treated to withstand the harsh South African climatic conditions & resistant against pool chemicals.Our Swimming Pool Safety Nets have a life expectancy of a few years.
The mesh size we use are 10cm x 10cm squares and is small enough to keep a baby’s head from the water, but large enough to prevent crawling or walking on the net.
This size has been proven to be the safest for babies and toddlers. Our fitted net includes stainless steel plates and hooks; one or two floats depending on size and/or need,pulleys and tensioner ropes.Our Safety Nets are Custom fitted to your pool, laced and heat sealed! Colors vary from Blue to Black.

How safe and strong are pool nets?

The nets are anchored to the sides of the pool, spa or pond and tension is applied across the net with a central tensioning system or a round loop tool.
Pool safety nets cannot be operated by a child who has not been taught to do so and do require a tool to take off and put back on.
For most pools, spas and water features, a safety net is a great option to provide safety for your family.

Is a pool safety net easy to use?

In most cases, a pool safety net can easily be removed in 5-10 minutes and put back on in 7-15 minutes
(most of the time is dedicated to removing the clips from their anchors, placed approx every 2 feet).
A spa safety net can be removed in 2-5 minutes and put back on in 3-7 minutes.
Every pool, spa and water feature will be different and your local All-Safe estimator will advise you of features specific to your pool that can increase the estimated times.
Some common factors that can increase times are lack of access to certain areas of the pool, very large pools, and some pool shapes will create tension issues.

Can a pool net be installed on any pool?

Almost every pool, spa or water feature we have encountered can have a safety net installed.
However, safety nets are not ideal for every pool or spa, specifically if an area of the pool or spa is tough to access.
In order to be safe, the net needs to be anchored on all sides. If a side is left un anchored, then that area has the potential of trapping someone under the net if they were to fall through.
If your pool or spa has an area that cannot be accessed on land and you must enter the water a net is still an option. This is referred to as a swim-up removal. However, because electric tools are used during the install your pool or spa will need to be emptied for the installation.

Do pool nets keep debris out?

The openings on a pool safety net are 10cmx10cm. These openings will allow small debris (leaves) and particles (dust, dirt) to go through the openings while keeping large debris (tree branches) out.An optional leaf cover is available in addition to the net. A leaf cover is a lightweight custom cover that is custom shaped to your pool and pool net.
The leaf pool cover does not provide safety when used on its own. However, when used in combination the safety net and leaf cover will provide both safety and debris protection
for your pool or spa.


Stay at the pool, preferably in the pool, at all times when your child is swimming or playing around the pool.
Never leave your child alone, even to get your cell phone or to answer the doorbell. Take your child with you if you must leave the pool area.
Don’t let yourself be distracted when watching a child around the pool. Avoid distracting activities like talking on the phone, eating, drinking, reading, snoozing or playing with another child.
When many children are swimming, designate a Water Watcher. This person’s sole responsibility is the pool area.
The Water Watcher must not leave the pool until someone else takes over or the pool area is made safe. Needless to say, the Water Watcher must be sober, committed and responsible.
Change Watchers frequently to maintain concentration.


If your child is missing, go to the pool first. Make sure that you search the pool and pool area properly.
Once you are certain the pool area is safe, you can then check lower risk areas in your house.
Never leave toys or other attractive items lying around the pool – the temptation to fetch a favorite toy may overwhelm your child’s training to avoid the pool if alone.
Always empty and overturn inflatable splash-pools, buckets, drums etc. Always close the lid of your toilet.


Learn to perform child CPR. It is not the same as adult CPR. Administering first aid can save your child’s life.
Train your child never to swim without asking you first. A tamper-proof pool alarm can assist in this training.
Swimming lessons are a useful aid, but are not a one-stop solution to prevent drowning.
Even if your child can swim, you must have other Layers of Safety present. A child should never be expected to fend for him or herself around a pool.

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