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Pool covers have gained huge popularity in the South African.The Safety cover does not require hooks and eyelets, it works with a ratchet system that is generally very easy to use but complicated enough for children so it acts like a safety device.
When securing the cover no physical strength is needed to create the required tension.
This has the huge benefit that the pool user will be more likely to replace the cover after using the pool.
To use the cover, it will be much quicker and easier if you are two people but one person would be able to open half the pool cover if it’s just for using the shallow end.


To open the cover, undo the ratchets, take the starting pole by the end and fold the cover with the poles over one another without any difficulty.The entire cover can be position on the paving at the deep end when not in use or stored away.
To fit the cover you will do the exact opposite, once the cover is over the pool you will tighten the ratchets into place and restrict all access to the pool.
To avoid stumping your toes on the protruding stainless steel anchor bolts, we have designed it in such a way that you can unscrew it by hand form the drop in socket that’s fitted flush with the paving.
Solid covers are predominantly used for the winter season and have the following benefits:

  • Keeps dirt and debris out of pool. Allows no sunlight through, preventing almost no growth of algae.
    Huge savings on chemical costs.
  • 98% less water evaporation (Savings)
  • A Solid pvc Cover could pay itself off within one to two seasons due to cost savings.

The material used is 550g to 600g A grade PVC material within reinforced webbing giving it superior strength and durability.Expected life span in full sun (3-5 years plus)


Every pool owner, regardless of whether or not they have children, should have a pool protected by Pool Safe Nets  Pool Cover – from

  • Residential homes
  • Gated Communities
  • Golf estates
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Swimming schools

Pool Safe Nets Pool Cover is a prerequisite for young families, this cover will be used each winter even if your children are out of school and have left the house it will still be a pool accessory in reducing the amount of money spent on pool upkeep, e.g. water, chemical and power usage. And when, later in life, when your Grand children come to visit you will have safety in place,
In short, A Pool Cover can be applied for numerous reasons, whatever the age or season.

Swimming pool safety measures:

Swimming pool safety measures incl a pool fence, pool net,Solid Pvc Cover and self latching gates, and pool alarms.
Adding a few different kinds of safety elements to a pool can prevent a child from drowning.
A traditional solid pool cover with hooks and eyelets is safe but as soon as it rains and their is a puddle of water in the middel it could be a hazard,
so always make sure there is no water on top of the solid pvc cover.
The Nets4pools Solid Pvc Cover is an effective barrier as it seals off the pool and prohibits all access to the water.

However, still the best method is that of responsible adult supervision.


Many pool owners don’t realize that a pool secured with a solid cover allows for not only peace of mind but significant household savings too.
Whereas a pool net or pool fence (popular child safety devices around a pool) still leave pool water exposed to the natural elements (sun, wind, rain),
our Solid Pvc Cover forms a impenetrable barrier over the water.
An adults can safely walk across the cover.Power savings: cleaner water requires less filtering and back washing, which amounts to significant power savings.
Filtration is still required for aeration and eradicating minor impurities but pump time can be halved. In an average domestic pool,
the pool pump consumes 12% of the household’s electricity.POOL SAFE NETS Pool Cover reduces this to 6%. Water savings: reduced evaporation losses (up to 90% less)
means less water input to maintain optimum levels.
Chemical savings: under a Solid Pvc Cover, algae growth is reduced, allowing for less chemical input without compromising water hygiene.
Reduced debris contamination: this cover prevents dirt, droppings and leaves from entering the pool water – the water aesthetics and hygiene are greatly improved.
Winter solution: the reduced upkeep and savings make the Pool Cover a savvy solution for closing a pool in winter months or when not in use for long periods.
Why spend money maintaining your pool when it is not in use? When opening the pool for summer, the pool is clean, clear and swim-ready with little effort.
Read more about pool care here.


The Solid Pvc Cover can be expected to last for in excess of 4 to 5 years with the correct care and maintenance.
Pool Safe Nets Pool Cover warranty is 3 years on the material.
Because the cover is used primarily for child drowning prevention, it is of utmost importance to care for the cover correctly.
If you notice a weakening of the cover’s components or small tears appearing in the PVC, please tend to the matter immediately and contact us about a repair service.
The material and components are all good for purpose in the sun and in chlorine type conditions around a pool.


Pool owners will have a window period in which to secure pools and then register with the Municipality. Non-compliance will carry a fine and repeat offenders can face a jail term.
Municipal officials will inspect properties to ensure compliance.
South Africa is soon to pass new pool safety legislation, making it mandatory for all pools to be secured for children via approved safety devices.
Among the legislation’s approved standards is the Nets4pools Solid Safety Cover.
Therefore, if you have to add safety to your pool, opt for the approved solution that goes well beyond just drowning prevention – a cover that curbs evaporation (saves water),
reduces filtration times (saves power) and keeps the water debris free and hygienic (and saves chemicals).
Read more about the law here.

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